Green Cotton

We are an apparel manufacturer and distributor that specialises in custom-made T-shirts and corporate uniforms. The design of the shirt is entirely up to the customer; the material, colour, cutting, shirt collar et cetera can be done according to our customers’ requests. We want to make sure that your corporate identity is properly represented through the outfits and materials that we provide.

Our Materials

Besides using cotton and polyester as the clothing material, we provide microfibre or quick-dry material and spandex as well. Our materials are imported from China, but the whole manufacturing process is done in Malaysia.

Green Cotton started out as a family business in 2012, and currently our business is expanding in Malaysia and Singapore. We have a wide range of customers, from clubs and teams to small organisations and big corporations such as Dutch Lady, Asus, F&N, Magnum, Great Eastern and many more. We also export our products overseas to the Singaporean market.